Missouri Transportation Harm’s EVERYONE: Cities, Suburbs, & Rural Areas

Did you notice

  • That our streets, roads and highways are far bumpier and have more potholes than cities in other states?
    • ​Making them less safe and more expensive to drive on.
  • That taking public transit to work, school or healthcare is often not an option unlike many other states?
    • ​In cities, suburbs, and rural areas.
  • That you rarely see a school bus or emergency vehicle on a highway?
  • That Missouri has significant air pollution?
    • Especially for asthma sufferers. 
  • That driving on Missouri roads costs drivers EXTRA (tripnet.org, 4/30/15)




    Vehicle Operating Costs*










    Jefferson City





    Kansas City










    St. Louis






    $1.7 Billion

    $1.3 Billion

    $1.5 Billion

    S4.5 Billion

    *Extra vehicle operating costs as a result of driving on roads in need of repair: accelerated depreciation, additional repair costs, and increased fuel and tire wear.  

Weight Restricted Bridges: Mainly in Cities & Suburbs

  Limited Transit = High Infant Mortality

Missouri has very high infant mortality rates across the state. Women cannot get to prenatal care without transit in cities, suburbs and in rural areas. Most states subsidize transit with 15-20% of gas taxes. Missouri provides ZERO.

Based on the archaic Missouri Constitution Art IV, § 30(a):

  • No Local Taxes on Gas & Vehicles for Highways & Streets
    • Only regressive Sales taxes and Property taxes
    • More than half (27) of the states allow local gas & vehicle taxes for roads & streets
    • Missouri allows ZERO
  • No multimodal transportation subsidy from Gas and Vehicle taxes
    • Most states permit 15-20%
    • This would help cities, suburbs and rural areas
    • Missouri allows ZERO
    • Not for transit bus & light rail, elderly & handicapped, bike & pedestrian needs, in rural, cities & suburbs

Based on more recent decisions:

  • Big rig, 18-wheel trucks and trailers are exempt from Missouri sales and use taxes when purchased (RSMo 144.030).
    • Yet, studies show that big rigs are responsible for major damage to roads and bridges. Engineers estimate that a fully loaded truck--a five-axle rig weighing 80,000 pounds, the interstate maximum--causes more damage to a highway than 5–10,000 cars. (http://www.governing.com/topics/transportation-infrastructure/Too-Big-The-Road.html)
    • Big rigs are also exempt from sales taxes on tires, repair and maintenance.


This all harms business, jobs, our community, access to health care, safety, our environment… If this math doesn't work for you, please attend to help find a better solution.

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