Harms to Rural Areas

The traffic fatality rate on Missouri’s non-Interstate rural roads is generally 2-3 times higher than the traffic fatality rate on all other roads and highways in the state.
traffic fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles of travel
Missouri has among the highest rates in Nation
Rural pavements in poor condition excluding interstates,  and
Structurally deficient rural bridges.
Note, ‘County Roads’ are usually maintained by local governments not state level DOTs
Underfunding rural transit means highest infant mortality rate in rural areas like the Bootheel

Missouri has very high infant mortality almost everywhere.

Women cannot get to prenatal care without transit in rural areas and cities.

MoDOT has almost 3 TIMES the road miles that they have funding for

Missouri is

18th in population, and

18th in land area

18th in transportation funding

At 33,900 road miles, MoDOT has the 7th largest system in the nation

More than Iowa, Nebraska, & Kansas COMBINED

Thus MoDOT is unable to maintain either rural or urban roads

MoDOT ranks 46th in revenue spent per mile

Missouri has the 4th lowest gas tax in the nation.

Gas tax increases fail in rural & urban areas

The last tax increase was 1992.

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