Missouri Transportation Equity

  1. Require Equal Distribution of Gas & Vehicle Taxes by Congressional Districts
    1. No one believes they are treated fairly
    2. This will ensure FAIR TREATMENT for everyone
    3. Similar to Georgia
  2. Allow Local Transportation Taxes on Gas & Vehicle Sales
    • Rather than Property taxes or Regressive Sales taxes
    • More than half (27) of the states allow local driver taxes
    • Missouri allows ZERO
    • The use of any local transportation taxes must be determined by the related local government.
  3. Subsidize Multimodal Transportation with Gas and Vehicle taxes
    • Most states permit 15-20%
    • Would help cities, suburbs and rural areas
    • Missouri allows ZERO
    • For transit bus & light rail, elderly & handicapped, bike & pedestrian needs
  4. Require a Minimum of 20% funding of Interstates from State Taxes
    • This funding must be based on traffic and need not politics
  5. Require Ongoing Engineering Performance Audits of the use of all transportation taxes 
    • Both urban and rural Missourians distrust MoDOT.

This would help EVERYONE in Cities & Rural areas

To help the poor in cities & rural areas
Get jobs                        – Fund transit
Get healthcare            – Fund transit
Get an education        – Fund transit
Get better food           – Fund transit
To help majority, DBE & MBE highway contractors

 – Get work                    – Fund transportation

To help EVERYONE in Missouri, people & business

    – Get safer roads & bridges          – Fairly fund transportation

    – Get travel savings $1,500/year – Fairly fund transportation

    – Get cleaner AIR                           – Fairly fund transportation

    – Have a stronger economy         – Fairly fund transportation

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